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When Earl Sutherton, a well-known gunfighter, rides into town, kills a woman and then goes to the marshal’s office and turns himself in, the marshal is determined to see him hang. But first, he wants to know why Sutherton did what he did. Sutherton, however, refuses to talk until he is allowed to tell his entire story to the town judge.

Hundreds of miles away, another story unfolds, as Nate Tennet, a young rancher, fights a crew of hardcases, run by a woman who is determined to take his land—and his life—for her own sinister purposes.

Nearby, a young man fights to take back his own land from the brutal gunman who has stolen it.

Are the three stories connected? Only Sutherton knows the answer.

Love Reading Westerns?

Return of the Outlaw was my first Amazon #1 Bestseller. With over 400 reviews, and tens of thousands of copies sold, it’s a must read for any true western fan!

With over 400 reviews, here’s what a few readers had to say….

Great Story

“I have been reading Western stories for over 50 years. I have read all the really good authors like Louie L’Amour, Earnest Haycox, and Luke Short to name a few, and it is hard to find current writers who can hold a candle to those story tellers of yesterday. C.M. Curtis has earned my respect as a writer with his “Return of the Outlaw”. I anxiously await his next book and will look forward to any and all entries he has in the Old West Genre. If you like a good Western then you cant go wrong with this book. It is head and shoulders above the average story written in the last ten years. I can only hope Mr. Curtis is as prolific with his stories as he is talented in writing them. I havent been this pleased with a Cowboy yarn since Mr. L’Amour passed away.”

T. Marsh
Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

best western ever written, no kidding

“I read a LOT, and I pride myself in separating the good from the bad and the ugly. In the Western genre, there is a LOT of bad and ugly, and only an occasional good…which is too bad, because I like the genre and wish there were more Westerns that were truly well written. Then there is the occasional REALLY REALLY GOOD Western…they are few and far between…and this one is the best of them all. THIS is a Western I have already read several times, which is the mark of a really great book for me, because I hardly ever read anything more than once, if I manage to get through it without throwing it against the wall. Return of the Outlaw by Curtis, however, never fails to delight, fascinate, surprise and thoroughly please…

Charles A. Knouse
Format: Paperback | Verified Purchase

Great Western

“This was one of the best westerns I have read. I too would compare it to the westerns of old. I was a great fan of Louis L’Amour. It was well written and had very realist plot which took place immediately after the Civil War. The story of a man who returns from the war to find not only the love of his life promised to another but also his family ranch has been stolen by a wily con man. He is falsely accused of murder and has to flee his home town. He has to find a way to prove his innocence and to recover all that is rightfully his. The author did a great job on developing all of the characters in this book. A real page turner. Don’t miss it.”

Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

A little bit about me…

HatBookGunI’ve been writing books for much of my adult life, but it wasn’t until mid 2013 that had my first success as a published Author. Since then, I’ve been very fortunate to become a #1 bestselling author on, often compared by my readers to some of the great western authors, such as Louis L’Amour, Earnest Haycox, Zane Grey & Luke Short to name a few. I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading my books! Thanks, C.M. Curtis

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"A man never knows what's around the next bend in the trail, much less what awaits him at the end of a journey." -Return of the Outlaw