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David Kelly has almost everything a guy could want. He’s young, handsome, and in love with the girl of his dreams. There’s just one problem: He’s dead.


4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon

“Up until now I had only read the author’s westerns. Boy am I glad I decided to read some of his other works! This is a very well written and poignant tale. I found myself wishing it would never end.”

“I have mostly been a reader of western, civil war and early days of the west, but I must say that I enjoyed this novel very much. It reminded me of “It was a wonderful life” with a few twists and turns as David gets the opportunity to relive parts of his life.
Very enjoyable and worth your time to read.” 

Baker Canyon in Colorado. A place shunned by native tribes since prehistory. A place they considered to harbor evil. A place where coal has been discovered and miners labor daily to wrest it from the mountain. Hank Steadman is the foreman of a crew of miners who go deep into the bowels of the mountain one day and never come out. The one surviving miner, John Sanger, claims that Steadman took his men to the wrong part of the mine and he alone is responsible for the deaths of his men. But is Sanger’s story true, or is he lying to cover up his own sordid secret?

Half a century later, Cuthbert Sweet comes on the scene. A giant of a man, Sweet is rich and eccentric. He has inherited the old mine and stumbles onto something that could clear up the fifty year old mystery. But his cousins, the children of the sole survivor of the long ago disaster, will do anything they can to keep him from exposing the truth—anything.


Colorado, 1928. The striking coal miners find themselves up against a group of ruthless, thugs—strikebreakers who have been hired by the mining companies and are backed by the governor of the state himself. Rafe Saunders, one of the leaders of the strikers, finds himself running for his life, while at the same time trying to protect the young son of the woman he loves, from the vengeful thugs who think the boy knows too much about their illegal activities.

Rafe and the boy disappear. Decades pass and the truth about their disappearance remains a mystery that is eventually forgotten by all but a few. Fifty years after the bloody strike ends Cuthbert Sweet receives a cryptic phone call—a bizarre plea for help. Cuthbert likes an adventure, and he accepts the challenge, not realizing that it will lead him into coal mines and foreign countries and mortal danger.


"A man never knows what's around the next bend in the trail, much less what awaits him at the end of a journey." -Return of the Outlaw